Wounded Places: Confronting PTSD in American’s Shell-Shocked Cities by Llewellyn Smith (2013, 42 min.). Too many American children, especially children of color in neighborhoods of concentrated poverty, are exposed to adversity, violence, neglect and other forms of trauma and show symptoms similar to PTSD—except there is no “post.” Traveling to Philadelphia and Oakland, this documentary chronicles the stories of children shaken by violence and adversity and asks not “What’s wrong with you?” but “What happened to you?” and how can traumatized children and neighborhoods heal? Discussion with director follows screening.

Stranger by Jeremiah Kipp (5 min.). A short film about a young woman on the verge of madness, paranoia and hallucination.

Wheels of Soul by Randall Wilson (26 min.). Wheels of Soul Motorcycle Club is the only racially mixed 1% outlaw motorcycle club in the world. The predominantly black club must contend with not only the social stereotyping against bikers in the “civilian” world, but with the racial bias in the violent world of outlaw biker clubs. The Wheels have no mercy and deal swift, harsh justice to the pimps, pushers and gang members who inhabit some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in America. The Wheels have been called heroes, vigilantes and outlaws.

Black Lives Matter by Lovely Hoffman (3 min.). On the heals of the indictment of Police Officers throughout the country including, New York City, Ferguson and Baltimore, R&B artist and actress, Lovely Hoffman, releases the music video, ‘Black Lives Matter.’ The song and video is a powerful anthem that bridges the current day struggle of the value of black life with the historical Civil Rights movement.