You Will Be My Son (Tu seras mon fils) by Gilles Legrand (France, 2012, 102 min.). Paul is the passionate, demanding proprietor of his prestigious family wine estate. He is disheartened by the thought of his son Martin inheriting the business and has no faith in his ambition. He dreams of a harder-working son and meets Philip, the son of his dying estate manager, who seems to possess the qualities that Paul feels a wine maker needs to succeed. Can Paul reject his son and turn Philip into the rightful heir of his family estate? Shot on location in at the Chateau Clos Fourtet, You Will Be My Son explores the meaning of work, love, and family with plenty of wine on the side.

The 18th Annual Boston French Film Festival

You Will Be My Son

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5:45 pm - 7:25 pm
Remis Auditorium, 161
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