Gerald Ward, senior consulting curator; Katharine Lane Weems Consulting Senior Curator Emeritus

England’s Magna Carta, written in 1215, is often cited as the cornerstone of liberty in the Anglo-American legal tradition. As a potent symbol for the American Sons of Liberty in the mid 18th century, Magna Carta is directly referenced on Paul Revere’s Sons of Liberty Bowl (1768). On loan from Lincoln Cathedral, one of only four surviving copies of the original Magna Carta is on view at the MFA in July and August in “Magna Carta: Cornerstone of Liberty” with other documents and symbols of liberty. Join expert Gerald Ward to cover almost 800 years of art and related texts that refer to this celebrated document and underscore its ongoing importance, particularly here in Massachusetts.

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Above: 1215 Lincoln Cathedral Exemplar of the Magna Carta (detail), 1215. Iron gall ink on parchment. Courtesy Lincoln Cathedral.