The weather may be cooling down, but our fall lineup of Lectures and Courses is heating up. Celebrate the life and art of Vincent van Gogh. See how art flourished during the Dutch Golden Age. Hear the story of modern and contemporary painting. Explore the wonder, beauty, and spirit of contemporary craft.

Looking Together discussions offer two- and four-session seminars. Afternoon and evening Remix programs offer a harvest of social opportunities. The Ruth and Carl J. Shapiro Celebrity Lectures return in October. Attend an author event with other devoted readers for lively discussions.

From the Buddhist art of Myanmar, to collecting personal snapshots, to the music and life of Patty Larkin, it’s an autumn to remember at the MFA.


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Vincent van Gogh, Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings Sep 29–Oct 22

The Dutch Golden Age, Wednesday afternoons Oct 7–Dec 16

Painting Beyond Pollock, Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings, Oct 27–Dec 3

The Path to Contemporary Craft, Tuesday mornings Dec 1–15

Evenings with Creative Minds, The Ruth and Carl J. Shapiro Celebrity Lectures

Dec 16 - Terrance Hayes: Race, Gender, Family, and Poetry

Dec 17 - Terrance Hayes: Race, Gender, Family, and Poetry

Mar 9 - Lorna Simpson

Apr 20 - Eve Ensler: Life and Work

May 25 - Art Spiegelman: Forbidden Images

May 26 - Art Spiegelman: Forbidden Images

SOLD OUT Oct 21 - Philip Glass: 40 Years of Opera

SOLD OUT Nov 11 - Colm Tóibín: Irish Literature Today

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Sep 20 - Between the New World and Asia: Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic Exchange in the Early Modern Era

Oct 4 - Bringing All Together: A Look at a Multifaceted Practice

Oct 7 - An Evening with Patty Larkin

Oct 11 - Art, Tulips, and Social Climbing in the Dutch Golden Age

Oct 14 - People at Play, Bathing Beauties, and Double Exposures: A Snapshot Conversation

Nov 1 - Yours Sincerely, John S. Sargent: A Conversation

Nov 4 - Rarities of These Lands: Encounters with the Exotic in the Dutch Republic

Nov 18 - Rembrandt: Social Climber or Outcast?

Dec 2 - Pathways to Nirvana: The Buddhist Art of Myanmar

Dec 6 - Made in the Americas

Dec 13 - Music of the Dutch Golden Age: Commerce, Class, and Codas

Jan 13 - The Making of Class Distinctions

SOLD OUT Oct 25 - Poggio Civitate: Life and Death of an Etruscan Hill Town

Looking Together

Two Sessions

Kodak to Polaroid: A Closer Look at Snapshots with curators Kristen Gresh and Karen Haas

Boston’s 19th-Century Collectors

“Crafted: Objects in Flux” with curator Emily Zilber

Seeing Contemporary Art

Hokusai’s Legacy with Martha Wright

“Made in the Americas” - Morning Session

“Made in the Americas” - Evening Session

SOLD OUT The John Singer Sargent Archive with curator Erica Hirshler

SOLD OUT Explore the Exhibition with curator Ronni Baer

SOLD OUT A Deeper Look at Medieval Art

Four Sessions

The Jewels of Ancient Nubia

Asia and the West with John Hermanson

America at Home

“Class Distinctions: Dutch Painting in the Age of Rembrandt and Vermeer” - Evening Session

Asia’s Global Reach with Martha Wright

What Clay Can Do with Martha Wright

Intro to the MFA

Europe in the 17th Century

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SOLD OUT Double Dutch and More with Miriam Braverman - Monday Session

SOLD OUT Double Dutch and More with Miriam Braverman - Tuesday Session

SOLD OUT It’s About Class with Nancy Ketterer

SOLD OUT Double Dutch and More with Miriam Braverman - Thursday Session

SOLD OUT “Class Distinctions: Dutch Painting in the Age of Rembrandt and Vermeer” - Morning Session

SOLD OUT Social Class and Art in 17th-Century Holland and Europe with John Hermanson

SOLD OUT Art and Craftsmanship with Nancy Ketterer

SOLD OUT Modern Art


Oct 16 - Made in Latin America

Oct 17 - Art 101: Learning to Look

Oct 23 - Drink and the Dutch

Oct 30 - MFA Mysteries

Nov 12 - Designing a New MFA

Dec 4 - Snapshots: In the Gallery and in the Artist’s Hands

Dec 4 - Brindisi! Italian and French Drinking Songs

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Author Events at the MFA

Sep 18 - Artists Unframed: Snapshots from the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art

Sep 25 - The China Collectors

Dec 11 - Crafted: Objects in Flux

Dec 12 - Design for Eternity

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