Sure, the chill is setting in, but there’s no need to be stuck indoors: our new lineup of Lectures and Courses keeps you inspired in the winter and revives you when spring has sprung. Explore the life and works of Picasso. See how Mary Cassatt forged a path as a female artist in a man’s world. Take in the present, past, and future of London, and witness the power of contemporary Asian megacities.

Looking Together discussions offer two-, three-, four-, and six-session seminars. Afternoon and evening Remix programs provide the perfect remedy for cabin fever. The Ruth and Carl J. Shapiro Celebrity Lectures return in March. Searching for a winter read? Attend an Author Event with other devoted readers for lively discussions.

From landscape painting in the Americas, to Egypt’s first female pharaoh, to a biological and chemical take on fashion, it’s a season of discovery at the MFA.


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Feb 2–Mar 29 — Picasso

Apr 5–May 5 — Mary Cassatt

May 24–Jun 7 — London: Past, Present, and Future

Mar 2–May 11 — The City: From Palmyra to Mumbai to Boston


Evenings with Creative Minds, The Ruth and Carl J. Shapiro Celebrity Lectures

Mar 9 — Lorna Simpson

May 25 — Art Spiegelman: Forbidden Images

May 26 — Art Spiegelman: Forbidden Images

SOLD OUT Apr 20 — Eve Ensler: Life and Work

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Feb 13 — The Role of Religious Orders and the Introduction of Asian Arts to the Americas

Feb 21 — Museum of Fine Arts-Boston Lyric Opera Signature Series: Paris, the Surreal City: Dreams, Manifestos, and Music

Feb 24 — Mike and Doug Starn: The No Mind Not Thinks No Things Things

Mar 6 — Modernism in Latin America: Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, and Uruguay

Mar 6 — See the Unseen

Mar 23 — Subodh Gupta: Coexistence, Ritual, and Growth

Mar 30 — Picasso’s Early Acclaim: The 1913 Retrospective

Apr 13 — Landscape Painting in the Americas: A Hemispheric View

Apr 24 — Photographing the Presidents

May 18 — David Adjaye: Heterogeneous Architecture

SOLD OUT Feb 28 — Hatshepsut: How a Woman Ascended the Throne of Egypt

SOLD OUT Mar 13 — Extraordinary Designs in 20th-Century Mexican Silver


Looking Together

Two Sessions

Feb 22 and 29 — Benin: The Art of an Empire

Apr 8 and 15 — “The Idea of North: The Paintings of Lawren Harris”

Apr 19 and 26 — Rembrandt: Etching Reinvented

May 9 and 16 — Fashion Focus

May 11 and 18 — “Megacities Asia” with curators Al Miner and Laura Weinstein (Morning Session)

May 12 and 19 — “Megacities Asia” with curators Al Miner and Laura Weinstein (Evening Session)

SOLD OUT Feb 23 and Mar 1 — The Renaissance and Mannerism in Italy

SOLD OUT Mar 25 and Apr 1 — Pairing Picasso with curator Katie Hanson

Three Sessions

May 5–19 — “#techstyle” with curators Michelle Finamore, Pamela Parmal, and Lauren Whitley

SOLD OUT Mar 24–Apr 7 — How to Talk about Abstract Art

Four Sessions

Feb 9–Mar 8, except Feb 16 — Sculpture in the 19th and 20th Centuries with John Hermanson

Feb 24–Mar 16 — Egypt: The Art of Daily Life

Mar 2–23 — Ancient Cities

Mar 4–25 — Picasso and the Female Form

Mar 22–Apr 12 — The Decorative Arts: An Introduction with John Hermanson

Mar 24–Apr 14 — Two By Two with Miriam Braverman  (Thursday Session)

Apr 5–May 3, except Apr 19 — Cassatt and Her Contemporaries

Apr 7–28 — Modern Dance and the Visual Image

Apr 9–May 7 — Cityscape: Conversations about the Rise of Cities with Martha Wright

Apr 29–May 20 — MFA Masterpieces

May 4–25 — Crossing Cultures

May 10–31 — The Shock of the Really New with Nancy Ketterer

SOLD OUT Feb 3–24 — Renaissance and Rome

SOLD OUT Feb 10–Mar 2 — The Age of Picasso

SOLD OUT Mar 22–Apr 12 — Two By Two with Miriam Braverman  (Tuesday Session)

SOLD OUT Mar 21–Apr 11 — Two By Two with Miriam Braverman  (Monday Session)

SOLD OUT Apr 12–May 3 — The Shocking New of 20th-Century Art with Nancy Ketterer (April Session)

SOLD OUT Jun 7–28 — The Shocking New of 20th-Century Art with Nancy Ketterer (June Session)

Six Sessions

Mar 24–May 5, except Apr 21 — Caravans, Caves, and Cosmopolitanism on the Ancient Silk Road with Martha Wright


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Feb 21 — Manor Madness: English Style in the Time of Downton Abbey

Mar 2 — The “Great Ladies” of the MFA

Mar 24 — The “Great Ladies” of the MFA

Mar 31 — Art, Objects, and Interiors in Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth

Apr 8 — Picasso: Paired

Apr 9 — To Tell a Story

Apr 15 — Here Be Dragons, Comets, and Power

Apr 17 — Mindfulness in the Galleries

Apr 23 — The Idea of North: The Paintings of Lawren Harris

May 12 — #techstyle

May 20 — Asian Megacities: Street Food

SOLD OUT Feb 12 — Manor Madness: English Style in the Time of Downton Abbey

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Author Events at the MFA

Feb 26 — MFA Highlights: Contemporary Art

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