This fall, the MFA presents #mfaNOW, a season celebrating contemporary art and artists

Exhibitions on view include “UH-OH: Frances Stark 1991–2015”; “Christian Marclay: The Clock and “Terry Winters: The Structure of Things.” The installations “Political Intent” and “Beyond Limits,” present key works and recent acquisitions from the MFA’s contemporary collection. On four occasions, the Linde Family Wing for Contemporary Art stays open overnight for free all-night parties and a rare opportunity to see The Clock after Museum hours. An unexpected line-up of programming inside and outside transforms the space with food trucks and lawn games, live music and DJs, art making, artist demonstrations, performance art, and more. On social media, #mfaNOW and live streaming onsite encourages fans and followers to share their experiences and spread the word about what’s happening in real time—from film and theater festivals to panel discussions and lectures with leading artists, activists, and change makers.

Related Exhibitions and Galleries

Link to exhibition page for UH-OH: Frances Stark 1991–2015

UH-OH: Frances Stark 1991–2015

“UH-OH” tracks LA-based artist Frances Stark’s 25-year career from early drawings and text-based works to video installations and projects that engage with social media.

Link to exhibition page for Christian Marclay: The Clock

Christian Marclay: The Clock

An ode to time and cinema, Christian Marclay’s 24-hour video collage The Clock (2010) is a contemporary masterpiece comprised of thousands of fragments from TV and film history.

Link to gallery page for Political Intent and Beyond Limits

“Political Intent” and “Beyond Limits”

“Political Intent” explores how artists visualize social issues to generate discourse or action. “Beyond Limits” features abstract works extending beyond traditional edges.

Link to exhibition page for Terry Winters: The Structure of Things

Terry Winters: The Structure of Things

Prints and drawings by the New York-based artist, whose wide-ranging interests encompass scientific processes and mathematical theories.

Link to gallery page for Studio Craft and Beyond

Studio Craft and Beyond

Works in this gallery connect to the postwar Studio Craft movement, which saw artists increasingly looking to traditional craft materials and setting up individual studios.

Link to exhibition page for Massed Media

Massed Media

The works in “Massed Media” are all made using a similar artistic strategy: the massing of multiple components into a cohesive whole—greater than the sum of its parts.