Les Six was founded on the impetus of the group’s pianist, Linda Edsinga, in an effort to devise a chamber group to work with the legendary composer and flutist John Heiss. With the other five wind players in the group, Jessie Boyd (French horn), Emily Prather (bassoon), Andrew Port (oboe), Luis Diaz (flute) and Adam Floyd (clarinet), the sextet revels in the unique opportunities presented for such dynamic instrumentation, and is eager to share their sound and repertoire with audiences. The name of the ensemble is in honor of Francis Poulenc and the group of early 20th-century French composers, of which he was a member of. All of the members of Les Six are students at New England Conservatory, and through an annual competition at NEC, the ensemble was selected as an Honors Ensemble for the 2017-18 school year.