The Song of the Mud: Music and Poetry from and inspired by World War One

Singers from the Voice and Opera Department at The Boston Conservatory perform a program of music and spoken text based on artists’ response to The Great War.

Nathan Troup, director
Allison Voth, music director

“And slowly, softly, easily,
Soaks up the fire, the noise; soaks up the energy and the courage;
Soaks up the power of armies;
Soaks up the battle.”

From At the Somme: The Song of the Mud by Mary Borden

Above: James Montgomery Flagg, I Want You for U. S. Army (detail), 1917. Poster, color lithograph. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston—Henry S. Hacker exchange, made possible through gifts from John T. Spaulding, J. N. Stanley, Horatio Greenough Curtis, Mrs. E. Vietor Frothingham, L. N. Gebhard, Jean Goriany, Dr. Henry M. Putnam, Walter Rowlands, R. Clipston Sturgis, Horace M. Swope, Miss Frances Ellis Turner, bequest of Maxim Karolik, and anonymous gift in memory of John G. Pierce, Sr.