The Sepik River region of Papua New Guinea has long dazzled Western audiences with beautiful repertoires of art. Join Eric Silverman, Associate Professor of Wheelock College, for a glimpse into the local meanings of Sepik River art, with a focus on the Iatmul people, made famous by anthropologists Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson. Silverman discusses a range of traditional artistic themes, including colors, swirls, ephemeral ornamentation, long noses, glowering eyes, mysterious flute music, and still-occurring rituals. Through their art, Iatmul express and confront the basic verities of life, death, and ultimate reality in the Sepik. Art allows Iatmul to see truths they cannot otherwise admit or state. Indeed, Iatmul art is often as much about not seeing as it is about seeing. 

This is a private event for Friends of African and Oceanic Art.