Phyllis Granoff, Lex Hixon Professor of World Religions, Yale University

Jainism is one of India’s three classical religions, along with Buddhism and Hinduism.  The lives of the Jinas, Jainism’s enlightened teachers, were celebrated in text and art, two reflections of devotion that were brought together in the practice of  medieval manuscript production. In the 15thcentury, the introduction of paper made it possible to produce manuscripts in far greater number than ever before. This presentation explores the world of paper Jain manuscript painting, asking who commissioned these manuscripts and why, who used them and how. In paying particular attention to the errors painters and scribes made and readers corrected, it endeavors to bring to life the unique nature of each manuscript.

Image: Page from a Jain Manuscript, Indian, mid-15th century, opaque watercolor and gold on paper. Gift of John Goelet, 66.151

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Speaker: Phyllis Granoff
Speaker Bio: Lex Hixon Professor of World Religions, Yale University