Alfreda Murck, Independent Scholar and Researcher, Palace Museum

During her seventeen years in Beijing, Alfreda Murck frequented the collectible markets. She will tell us about the markets and the four collections that she assembled. One of them was centered on the mangoes that Mao Zedong regifted to workers who were occupying Tsinghua University in August of 1968. Becoming a symbol of Mao’s endorsement, the mangoes were replicated in wax, plastic, papier maché, and in photographs and on textiles. Organized by the Museum Rietberg, Zurich, the exhibition Mao’s Golden Mangoes and the Cultural Revolution was constituted entirely of objects found at Beijing’s collectible markets.

Alfreda has also formed collections of 20th century teapots, industrial enamel ware and textiles, both printed and woven.

Image: Alfreda Murck, Quilt cover with design of baskets of mangoes, October-December 1968, printed cotton. Courtesy of Museum Rietberg, Zurich.

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Speaker: Alfreda Murck
Speaker Bio: Independent Scholar and Researcher, Palace Museum