Meet and discuss works of art by up-and-coming artists Marlon Forrester, Napoleon Jones Henderson (representing AfriCOBRA), Ekua Holmes, Miosotty Oryega, Valerie Prosper of RAW Artists, Jamal Thorne, and Jason Wallace.

Also, view Boston Youth Dreams, a mural project created by teenagers from around the city. In February 2014, Future Boston Alliance and facilitator Samantha Tan of World Café, brought 200 youth together to collaborate in a cross-industry event to create and share their personal visions for the city they hail from. As part of the day-long event, participants created a mural addressing their dreams, demands, and desires for the city of Boston. 

Special thanks to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and James Pierre.


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Above: Jamal Thorne, Projected Saviors, 2012. 72x50 in. Charcoal and pastel on paper.


Juneteenth at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, presented in partnership with Future Boston Alliance.