Louise Mackie, Curator of Textiles and Islamic Art, Cleveland Museum of Art

Luxury textiles were indispensible symbols of status, wealth and power at imperial courts across the vast Islamic lands from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean. The industry flourished under the auspices of sultans, the foremost consumers, and textile designers and weavers excelled at creating vibrant yet harmonious patterns that corresponded with the fashions of ruling dynasties, cultures and periods. Textile-literate consumers demanded unadulterated quality with lustrous silk thread, rich colors, and well-made durable fabrics, and will be illustrated in this talk by spectacular examples.

Image: Detail of a fragment with wrestling lions and harpies, Southern Spain early 12th century, Silk lampas with supplementary discontinuous metal-wrapped patterning wefts. Ellen Page Hall Fund 33.371.

LUXURIANCE: Textiles from Islamic Lands

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6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Riley Seminar Room, 156
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Speaker: Louise Mackie

Speaker Bio: Curator of Textiles and Islamic Art, Cleveland Museum of Art