Michael Padgett, Curator of Ancient Art at the Princeton Art Museum, published our well known collection of South Italian vases. He will focus his talk on the production of vases in the Greek-influenced regions of South Italy and Sicily in the late 5th and 4th centuries B.C. with a special attention on the scenes inspired by dramatic performances on the stage—many of these vases will be featured in our new Greek Theater gallery.  Of special interest are the vase-paintings that, for two centuries, scholars have believed are linked to the tragedies of the great Athenian playwrights—Aeschylos, Sophocles, Euripides. Come take part in a special opportunity to view vases up close. Join us afterwards for light refreshments in the Art of the Ancient World office.

This is a private event for Laurel Society participants.

RSVP: Friends-LaurelSociety@mfa.org

About the Instructor

Speaker: Michael Padgett
Speaker Bio: Curator of Ancient Art at the Princeton Art Museum