In this very special evening combining film, photography, and family dynamics, writer, director, and actor Lena Dunham joins in conversation with her mother, the renowned artist Laurie Simmons. Since the 1970s, Simmons has been a formidable presence in the art world with her photographs of staged dolls, ventriloquist dummies, and mannequins. Dunham, with the success of her television series, Girls, and quasi-autobiographical film, Tiny Furniture, has become one of the most celebrated talents of her generation. Art and entertainment critic Joyce Kulhawik engages Dunham and Simmons in conversation that reveals comical and poignant insights into their creative processes, work, and relationship. Enjoy the exclusive opportunity to discuss the highlights of their talk with the speakers over a private reception in Bravo Restaurant.

Program begins in Remis Auditorium and will conclude in Bravo Restaurant.

Due to high demand for this event, RSVP’s will be required by December 3rd


This is a private event for The Contemporaries.