Padma Kaimal, professor, Art and Art History, Colgate University

A thousand years before he came to the MFA in 1933, a granite figure of Shiva sat in a circle with dozens of yogini goddesses who swayed to the music he played on his drum and the stringed veena he once held across his chest. Their circle was a temple in Kanchipuram, an ancient city and in what is now southeastern India’s state of Tamilnadu. At the center of that circle, the beautiful, young warrior god Karttikeya rode on a peacock. Together, the music and the fierce, lovely, and powerful bodies of these gods and goddesses manifested in visual form the infinitely variable female power (shakti) that suffuses the universe and transcends time.

Program begins in Gallery 176 and concludes in Riley Seminar Room.


This is a private event for Friends of Asian Art members.