Solange Skinner, retired professor at Sciences Po, Paris

Each culture counts Time by day or by night, and there are as many calendars as there are societies. However, the conception of Time differs. For some cultures Time is equal to duration, for others to an instant. Some societies do not differentiate Past from Present, since Present becomes Past immediately. For others, Future is the dimension of Time. Finally, Death is the last limit of Time, and has a different meaning in each society. It may be the absolute end or the beginning of another existence. Only humans have a cult of the dead, for spirituality is going back to the origin of mankind.

Image: Priest’s vessel in bird form. Viti Levu, Republic of the Fiji Islands, mid 20th century. Wood, 18 1/4 in. (46.3 cm). Gift of Governor Carlton Skinner and Solange Skinner  2009.4964.

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Speaker: Solange Skinner
Speaker Bio: retired professor at Sciences Po, Paris