The Secrets of Tomb 10A: Egypt 2000 BC

The Tomb

In 1915, MFA archaeologists spent a hot summer deep in the Egyptian countryside. They were emptying a tomb.

Strewn about the dark, airless room—sometimes smashed and broken, sometimes miraculously intact—were hundreds of objects that captured one man’s hopes about death and the afterlife. Four thousand years before, he had been governor of the province. His name was Djehutynakht.

As he prepared for death, Djehutynakht stocked his tomb with everything the Egyptians believed the dead needed for the next life. The tiny chamber contained a vast collection of tomb goods—arrayed around the extraordinary painted coffins that held the mummified bodies of the governor and his wife.

In 2009, a Belgian team retraced the original excavators’ footsteps in search of further clues. Layer by layer, the site is revealing its secrets.

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