Approved by MFA Leadership Team on November 7, 2019

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, recognizes the magnitude of human impact on the environment and is committed to the preservation of our planet for future generations. This commitment supports our mission to care for and share the artistic and cultural works of humankind in perpetuity and is our civic responsibility as an institution of Boston. At the MFA, we strive to incorporate sustainability into our planning and decision-making with the aim to reduce the environmental impact of our facilities and operations and to increase our resiliency and ability to adapt to our changing world. In line with these operational imperatives and our institutional values of shared accountability, inclusion, and care, we seek to use our unique platform as a forum for creativity and community to promote sustainability.

Our commitment to the environment is driven and supported by staff at all levels across the organization, who have implemented a variety of green initiatives and are eager to extend our efforts. We take pride in being a founding institution of the Green Ribbon Commission, a group of business, institutional, and civic leaders in Boston working to develop shared strategies for fighting climate change in coordination with the city’s Climate Action Plan. In addition to complying with city regulations for the annual disclosure of energy use, we continue to employ new strategies to decrease energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. In response to the urgency of climate change, we have formed a Museum-wide sustainability team to assess, improve, and expand our efforts, with a goal of being a leader in our field. To this end, we will: develop a comprehensive climate action plan for the institution, participate in local and national collaborations, and facilitate programs that educate the public about sustainability and resiliency.