Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: The Museum Year 2009

The Year

Art of the Americas: July 2008–June 2009

Table lamp Designed by Donald Deskey, designed 1927-28; made 1927-1931, Silverplated brass, glass, electrical fittings, 2008.1416

"Boston Lighthouse" cocktail shaker Manufactured by International Silver Company, About 1927–29, Silverplated metal (probably chrome), 2009.2784

Man's pouch about 1890–1910, Silver, leather, 2008.2005

Squash-blossom necklace about 1890–1910, Silver, 2008.2006

Ketoh (wrist guard) About 1900–25, Silver, turquoise, leather, 2008.2007

Ketoh (wrist guard) about 1900–20, Silver, turquoise, leather, with old tag, 2008.2008

Ketoh (wrist guard - for a child) about 1900–20, Silver, leather, 2008.2009

Ketoh (wrist guard) Possibly by Beshthlagai-ithline-athlsosigi (Slender Maker of Silver), about 1890–1910, Silver, leather, 2008.2010

Bead necklace John Paul Miller, about 1972, Amethyst, gold, 2009.319

Canapé plate Designed by Lurelle Van Arsdale Guild, 1938–1941, Polished chromium, 2009.2215

Cocktail cup in original box Designed by Harry Laylon, 1938–1941, Polished chromium, 2009.2216

"American Modern" pitcher Designed by Russel Wright, designed 1937; made about 1939–1942, Whiteware with bean brown glaze, 2009.306

In the Valley of the Seine John Leslie Breck, about 1889, Oil on canvas, 2009.338

Horse's headstall about 1875–1900, Silver, leather, 2008.2003

Desk and bookcase J. & J. W. Meeks, about 1836–1855, Rosewood, satinwood (interior), pine (secondary wood), and velvet-covered writing surface., 2009.2526

Prelude Agnes Pelton, 1943, Oil on canvas, 2009.339

Cube 27 Al Loving, 1970, Acrylic on shaped canvas, 2009.340

Vessel Diana Hobson, about 1989, Pâte de verre glass, feathers, and other media, 2009.2535

Vessel Lino Tagliapietra, about 1998, Blown glass, 2009.2536

St. Michael Slaying the Dragon George Hawley Hallowell, 1925, Oil on canvas, 2009.2786