Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: The Museum Year 2009

The Year

Art of the Ancient World: July 2008–June 2009

Aureus with head of Domitian, struck under Vespasian A.D. 75, Gold, 2008.1419

Aureus with bust of Trajan A.D. 114–117, Gold, 2008.1420

Aureus with bust of Antoninus Pius A.D. 148–149, Gold, 2008.1421

Aureus with bust of Septimius Severus A.D. 200–201, Gold, 2008.1422

Canopic jar lid 1820–1740 B.C., Indurated limestone, 2008.640

Aureus with head of Constantius I Chlorus, struck under Diocletian and Maximian I Herculius A.D. 303, Gold, 2008.641

Eight wagon attachments 2nd–3rd century A.D., Bronze and silver, 2008.654.1-8

Denarius with head of Augustus 19–18 B.C., Silver, 2008.664

Aureus with head of Octavian about 32–29 B.C., Gold, 2009.2219