Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: The Museum Year 2010

The Year

Art of the Americas: July 2009–June 2010

Alms dish Jacob Hurd, about 1727, Silver, 2009.3987

A Yellowstone Geyser Grafton Tyler Brown, 1887, Oil on canvas, 2009.4329

Teapot Roswell Gleason, 1830–1850, Pewter, 2009.4330

Storage container about 1890–1920, Coiled yucca and bear grass, dyed, 2009.4626

"American Modern" pitcher Designed by Russel Wright, designed 1937; made 1955–59, Whiteware with Glacier Blue glaze, 2009.4953

Bubble lamp, H-739 Designed by George Nelson, designed 1947; made 1952–1979, Steel, translucent white plastic (polyvinyl acetate and non-drying oil), electrical elements, 2009.4954

Bubble lamp, H-726 Designed by George Nelson, designed 1947; made 1952-1979, Steel, translucent white plastic (polyvinyl acetate and non-drying oil), electrical elements, 2009.4955

My Sister Lydia Edmund Charles Tarbell, 1888, Oil on canvas, 2009.5099

Bracelet Sam Kramer, about 1960, Silver, moonstone, 2009.5104

Teapot Maker Yoshiko Yamamoto, 1997, Silver, Delrin (polyoxymethylene) plastic, gold, 2009.5105

Portrait of Richard Recchia Howard E. Smith, about 1930, Oil on canvas, 2009.5106

Double portrait of a man and a woman Charles L. Hogeboom, 1882, Plaster sculpture; wood, copper, and velvet frame, 2009.5107

"Tomorrow's Classic" ladle Designed by Eva Zeisel, designed 1949-50; made 1952–57, Glazed earthenware, 2009.5181

"Tide" clock Designed by Gilbert Rohde, designed 1933; made 1933–1937, Macassar ebony (or East India Laurel), chrome, glass; electrical fittings, 2009.5314

Side chair Designed by Edmond J. Spence, about 1950–1960, Mahogany, rush seat and back, 2009.5315

Portrait of Mary Elizabeth Jennings H. Williams, Oil on wood panel, 2009.5316

Armchair Maker George Hunzinger, 1869, Walnut; upholstery (replaced), 2009.5317

Pedestal and lamp Designed by Fernand Cesar Auguste Bernard James Moreau, about 1911, Glazed terracotta, 2009.5318.1-2

"Ivory" jardinière and pedestal Designed by Rudolph Lorber, designed about 1910, Earthenware with matte glaze, 2009.5319.1-2

"Art Nouveau" umbrella stand Designed by Frederick Hurten Rhead, designed 1903–04, Earthenware with matte glaze, 2009.5320