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Prints, Drawings, and Photographs: July 2009–June 2010

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Three Studies of an Arm (Study for Cumaean Sibyl Returning to Tarquin) Elihu Vedder, Red and white chalk with graphite, 2009.4251

(Verso) Study of a Shouting Figure (Le Chambard socialiste) Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen, about 1894, Black crayon, 2009.4250

Drawing for "Nouveau Cirque" Félicien Rops, Pen and black ink over graphite, 2009.4249

Studies for Christ Taken from Cross School of Carlo Maratti, Black and white chalk, 2009.4248

The Angel Freeing St. Peter from Prison Giovanni Paolo Lasinio, Pen and brown ink, brush and brown wash, heightened with white, over black chalk, 2009.4247

Diana and Nymphs Unidentified artist, French, 18th century, Pen and brown ink, brush and brown wash, squared in red chalk, 2009.4246

View of Rye, Sussex Albert Goodwin, Watercolor, pen and black ink [touches of black chalk?], 2009.4245

Claudian Landscape Joshua Cristall, Pen and light and dark brown ink, brush and brown wash, over traces of graphite, 2009.4244

Roman Landscape with a Watermill Attributed to Sisto Badalocchio, about 1610–47, Pen and brown ink, brush and brown wash, 2009.4243

Model James Dyer as Reclining Nude Benjamin West, 1784, Pen and black ink, with touches of blue and red chalk, 2009.4242

Stonebreakers by Cathedral Ruins Philippe Jacques de Loutherbourg II, Pen and black ink and watercolor, 2009.4241

Crucifixion Pier Francesco Mazzucchelli, il Morazzone, Pen and brown ink, black chalk, brush and brown wash, heightened with white, squared in black chalk, 2009.4240

Portrait of Malvina Schrödter Werner Adolf Schrödter, Graphite, 2009.4239

Arabesque Ornament Design Attributed to Cesare da Sesto, Pen and brown ink, partially indented, 2009.4238

Mythological Scene with Nude Musicians, River Gods, Main with Sword, Putto Unidentified artist, Italian, 16th century, Pen and dark brown ink, brush and gray wash over red chalk, 2009.4237

Massacre of the Innocents School of Pietro da Cortona (Pietro Berrettini), Pen and brown ink, brush and gray-brown wash over black and red chalk, 2009.4236

Two Male Heads in Profile Benjamin West, Pen and brown ink, 2009.4235

A Sunset River Landscape Attributed to John Varley, Watercolor, 2009.4234

Virgin and Child Adored by Sts. Dominic and Francis before a View of Pisa Attributed to Francesco Vanni, Pen and brown ink, brush and brown wash, with white gouache highlights and corrections, 2009.4233

The Assumption (Assunta) Attributed to Bartolomeo Passarotti, Pen and brown ink over graphite, 2009.4232