Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: The Museum Year 2012

The Acquisitions

Art of the Ancient World: July 2011–June 2012

Vessel with lid A.D. 1–50, Faience, 2011.1635a-b

Amphora with wavy handles about 3100–2900 B.C., Pottery, 2011.1693

Head of Amenemhat I 1991–1961 B.C., Granodiorite, 2011.1898

Knife handle in the form of a grasshopper 760–332 B.C., Granodiorite, 2011.2005

Lid of a box (?) 2040–1640 B.C., Pottery, 2012.320

Pair of clappers 2040–1070 B.C., Wood, 2012.73.1-2