Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: The Museum Year 2012

The Acquisitions

David and Roberta Logie Department of Textile and Fashion Arts: July 2011–June 2012

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One hundred thirty-one (131) ensembles Designed by Arnold Scaasi, 1950s–1990s, APP.2011.25, APP.2011.31-

Man's necktie 1970s, Silk, APP.2011.215

Man's necktie 1970s, polyester, APP.2011.216

Twenty-six British World War II costumes 1940s, APP.2011.6-24, APP.2011.2

Neiman-Marcus fashion advertising archive, 1950s-1980s mid 20th–late 20th century, Color and b/w proofs on newsprint and slick white paper, SC.Neiman-Marcus.1-34

Man's necktie 1970s, Silk, APP.2011.217

Thirteen (13) tearsheets, proofs and slicks Richard E. Holiman, 1970s–1990s, Various printed media, SC.Holiman.1-13

Man's Haori 1930s, Silk, ikat dyed; lining stencil-dyed and hand-painted, 2011.1768

Man's Nagajuban 1927–33, Silk plain weave stencil printed and hand-painted (kata-yuzen), 2011.1769

Button rope 19th century, Buttons; waxed linen (?) string, 2011.1770

Button rope 19th century, Buttons; string, 2011.1771

Button rope 19th century, Buttons; string, 2011.1772

1970s Designer fasions including six woman's ensembles, four dresses, one coat, and one jumpsuit, and one early 20th century handbag Designed by Donald Brooks, 2011.1773-1789

Bathing suit Carolyn Schnurer, 1945–55, Cotton, polyester, 2011.1790

Woman's jumpsuit Designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, Mid 1990s, Rayon, acetate, leather, 2011.1888

Woman's ensemble in three parts Designed for House of Chanel, 1985, Wool, 2011.1889.1-3

Woman's ensemble in two parts (tunic) Designed by Oscar de la Renta, 1985, Metallic woven lamé, 2011.1890.1-2

Quilt early 20th century, Wool twills and plain weaves; pieced, and tied, 2011.2000

Spring Mist Keiko Kobayashi, 1990, Silk, eight harness overshot weave with two continuous supplementary wefts, 2011.2001

Map II Keiko Kobayashi, 1986, Linen; discontinuous warp and weft plain weave, 2011.2002