Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: The Museum Year 2012

The Acquisitions

Art of the Americas: July 2011–June 2012

Miniature basket about 1990, Woven reeds or grass, dyed, 2012.403

Armchair 1800-1900, with 18th-century leather upholstery, Cedar, leather, 2011.1684

Armchair 1750–1800, Mahogany, leather, 2011.1682

Bowl about 1880–90, Carved wood with ivory and abalone inlay and glass beads, 2011.1692

Model of a cannon about 1840–50, Brass, iron, wood, 2012.30

Bowl about 1915, Earthenware with slip paint, 2011.1691

Box 18th century, Walnut, 2011.1685

Punch set designed about 1937–38, Chromium-plated metal, wood or plastic, 2011.2100.1-14

United States Patent for Roswell Gleason's Magic Caster about 1871, Ink on paper, SC.Gleason III

Carved whale about 1870, Red cedar, paint, 2012.152

Wooden rattle mid 20th–late 20th century, Carved wood, fiber, 2012.384

Hacha 400–800, Stone (basalt?) with traces of red pigment, 2012.154

Two tripod dishes, five pottery vessels, one Peccary effigy knob, five effigy supports from pottery vessel, one feline effigy metate, one figure, one seated figure (sukia) 800–1400 CE, Earthenware, earthenware with slip paint, or stone (basalt?), 2011.2084-2095, 2011.2448

Pair of vitrines about 1937, Nickle-plated metal, painted wood, glass, 2011.1650.1-2

Vase (Pomona ware, Midwestern type) about 1890–1900, Blown round vase, square amber top, acid-frosted surface, polychrome enameled daisy and leaf and fern types, late acid-frosted back panel, 2012.72

Armchair 1700–1750, Cedar, leather, 2011.1683

Celery vase (Pomona ware, Midwestern type) about 1890–1900, Glass, blown-molded diamond design, tri-con crimped amber top, applied round, petal-like foot, late acid-frosted back panel, 2012.71

Oil lamp about 1840, White opaque glass (molded), brass, 2011.2098

Chalice and Paten about 1560, Silver-gilt, 2011.2101.1-2

Pitcher about 1800, Creamware with glazed decoration and gilding, 2011.2097