Apparel of an Amice

Possibly English
12th century

Object Place: England


52.5 cm (20 11/16 in.); Legacy dimension: L: 20 3/4; W: 3 1/2 in.

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Medium or Technique

Gilt yarns on linen

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Europe, Textiles and Fashion Arts



Apparel of an amice. Long narrow rectangular band of linen lined with coarser linen. The face shows a pattern of seven tangent roundels, with supplementary ornaments, defined by red lines, needle holes and traces of gold thread. At the points of tangency between adjacent circles and between the circles and the narrow straight borders are spaces for circular, elliptical, trefoils, two enamel quatrefoils and one crystal carbuncle remain stitched to the linen. The second, fourth, and sixth roundels each contain the figure of a lion as the central motif; the rest of the ornaments are composed of conventionalized flowers. On the back is a fragment of gold-colored warp twill silk; also closely packed linen stitches which held in the gold threads on the face in underside couching. Much worn. Enamels cracked and pitted.

Credit Line

Frederick Brown Fund