Bass clarinet in B-flat

late 19th century

Object Place: England


Approximate length of air column 155 cm (61 in.)

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Medium or Technique

Boxwood, nickel silver

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In B-flat. Boxwood, varnished dark brown. Nickel silver rings, gooseneck crook, and bell. Made in five parts: mouthpiece, crook, upper bodyjoint, buttjoint, and bell (turned upward and outward). Seven fingerholes (the third and fourth stopped by open-standing keys) and one thumbhole. Twenty cupped keys of nickel silver (c, c-sharp, d, e-flat, e„ f, f-sharp, g-sharp, b-flat b X 2, c’, c-sharp’, e-flat’, f’ x 2, g-sharp’, a’, a-shake’, and speaker), mounted on posts and hinge tubes.


Francis W. Galpin (1858-1945), Hatfield Regis, England; 1916, sold by Francis W. Galpin to William Lindsey (1858-1922), Boston, Massachusetts; 1916, gift of William Lindsey, in memory of his daughter, Leslie Lindsey Mason, to the MFA. (Accession Date: October 5, 1916)

Credit Line

Leslie Lindsey Mason Collection