New Kingdom, Dynasty 18
1550–1070 B.C.

Findspot: Nubia (Sudan), Semna, S552

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Medium or Technique

Faience and silver

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Jewelry, The Ancient World



k) faience ball pendant silver
l) 3 silver cylinder beads, horizontally joined
m) faience scaraboid
n) 3 faience fly pendants (one broken)

cf also 24-3-496, 24-3-432, and 24-3-467 for objects on same string.

Also on this string, but unidentified, are:

1 faience scaraboid (.8cm)
9 black faience ring beads plus fragments of a 10th (.2 cm)
7 light blue faience ring beads (.2 cm)
1 shell ring bead (.4cm)
5 blue glass ring beads (.1cm)
1 faience culinder bead (1.3 cm)
1 faience barrel bead (.6 cm)
1 multiple bead of 2 faience cylinders joined horizontally (.2 cm long)
1 faience cylinder bead (.2 cm)

In the box is also a blue faience rosette, 1.4 cm diameter, pierced through the
center with 2 protrusions (one pierced) on the back


From Semna: S552. 1924: excavated by the Harvard University–Museum of Fine Arts Expedition; assigned to the MFA by the government of Egypt.

Credit Line

Harvard University—Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition