Beads and amulet

Hellenistic Period (Ptolemaic dynasty)–Roman Imp

Findspot: Egypt, Saft el-Hinna, S530


Other: 28.5 cm (11 1/4 in.) length

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Glass, faience, quartz, carnelian

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Africa and Oceania, Jewelry, The Ancient World



Approximately 22 assorted glass, faience, carnelian beads (strung and loose) in red, black, white, green and blue with an ibis amulet.

faience - 2.2x0.8 (green Ibis)

quartz- 2.4x2.0 (translucent, clear lenticular bead)

carnelian - 2.0x0.8 (flattened barrel bead)
carnelian - 0.9x0.9 (two ball beads)

glass - 1.6x0.5 (gray barrel bead with white central band)
glass - 1.9x0.8 (gray barrel bead with many small white stripes)
glass - 1.4-1.0 (gray barrel bead with white stripes)
glass - 1.6x0.8 (red, green, yellow barrel bead)
glass - 1.1 (gray balll bead with white swirls)
glass - 1.1 (gray ball bead with red/yellow ovals)
glass - 1.1 (orange ball bead)
glass - 0.5x0.6 (green melon bead)
glass - 0.8x1.0 (orange ring bead)

9 beads associated with a broken string (8cm in length)
glass - 1 black/gray ball bead
glass - 3 green and white cylinder beads
glass - 3 green and yellow nearly bionical beads
glass - 2 black, white, and green ring beads


From Egypt, Saft el-Hinna (Goshen), Tomb 530. 1905-6, excavated by W. M. F. Petrie for the Egyptian Research Account; assigned to the Egyptian Research Account by the government of Egypt; presented to the MFA by the Egyptian Research Account.

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Egyptian Research Account by subscription