Bird effigy pendant with suspended gold disk

A.D. 500–1530

Object Place: Cauca and Magdalena River Valleys, Department of Quindío, Colombia


Overall: 1 x 2.1 x 1.2 cm (3/8 x 13/16 x 1/2 in.)

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Americas, Jewelry



Hammered gold anthropomorphic bird effigy adornment with small gold disk suspended from a rod protruding from the effigy’s head. The body is humanoid and rendered frontally, and the head is avian and rendered in profile. The head originally was bilaterally symmetrical but the proper left head has broken away. Two perforations at each side allow for stringing this bead-like pendant, likely one of many from a necklace or similar body adornment.


Collected by Joaquin Arciniégas, Colombia, by March 1, 1906 (to San José, Costa Rica by May 23, 1908; to San Salvador, El Salvador by June 19, 1916); sold to Doctor Daniel Villatoro Rugama, San Salvador, El Salvador, August 6, 1929; sold to Oliverio Girondo, Paris, January 10, 1930 (to Argentina probably after 1946); with Leon Buki, Buenos Aires, Argentina by January 2, 1975; with Alphonse Jax, New York, by February 1975; to Landon T. Clay, Boston; to MFA, March 12, 1975, gift.

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Gift of Landon T. Clay