Bust of a female votary or priestess

Near Eastern, Mesopotamian, Babylonian
Isin-Larsa or Old Babylonian Period
2000–1800 B.C.


Height x width: 38.1 x 45.72 cm (15 x 18 in.)

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Terracotta bust of a woman wearing a distinctive collar and hairdo. It is hollow, and was formed around a removable wooden core. The dog statuette found with it (MFA 1972.872) suggests that it may have come from a shrine to Gula, the goddess of healing, at Isin. The dog was Gula’s sacred animal. The statue dates to the period of the transition to the Old Babylonian era. Traces of red and black paint remain.


By 1972: with Nicolaos Koutoulakis, Geneva; 1972: purchased by the MFA from Mr. Koutoulakis, 13 September 1972.

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Edward J. and Mary S. Holmes Fund