Classicizing gem with head of Flora

19th century?


Length x width: 17 x 14 mm (11/16 x 9/16 in.)

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Jewelry, The Ancient World



Orange carnelian. Intaglio. Flat front and back oval faces with inward back bezel and very slight inward front bezel. The head of a young female faces in profile to the left. She wears a headband across her brow. Her wavy hair falls in curls on either side of her neck, and leaves are arranged in it messily. The leaves are narrow and straight in contrast with the squiggly lines which form the hair. A bit of fabric is clasped about the female’s neck, indicating a cloak. The details of her facial features are very sharp and the gem is highly polished. She has a long, straight nose, a large eye framed by eyelids, and an average-sized mouth. The figure is perhaps the goddess Flora on account of the leaves in her hair.


By 1961: Dr. L. Lahut Uzman Collection (according to his records: Bought - from Petro - by Tuba in Istanbul. June '61.); 1962: inherited by Mrs. L. Lahut Uzman; December 12, 1962: one of the group of 20 gems (62.1145–62.1164) purchased by MFA from Mrs. L. Lahut Uzman for a total price of $ 2,200-

Credit Line

Theodora Wilbour Fund in memory of Zoë Wilbour