Coffin of the architect Impy

Old Kingdom, Dynasty 6, reign of Neferkara Pepy II
2246–2152 B.C.

Findspot: Egypt, Giza, Tomb of Impy G 2381 A


60 x 69.6 x 230 cm (23 5/8 x 27 3/8 x 90 9/16 in.)

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The Ancient World


Coffins and sarcophagi

Wooden coffin of Impy; ends and sides mitred, and fastened with pegs and thongs; bad parts of wood neatly patched. Band of inscription along sides and on top.

His titles are:

HAtj-a sm xrp SnDt nbt Xrj-Hb Hrj-tp jmA-a xtmw-bjtj jmj-r kAt nbt nt nswt smr watj mDH nswt qdw m prwj jmj-r wabtj, “count, sem-priest, director of every kilt, chief lector-priest, gracious of arm, sealer of the king of Lower Egypt, overseer of all royal works, sole companion, royal architect in the two houses, overseer of the two wabets.”


From Giza, G 2381A (tomb of Impy). 1912: excavated by the Harvard University–Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition; assigned to the MFA in the division of finds by the government of Egypt.
(Accession date: December 4, 1913)

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Harvard University—Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition