Cup (reworked)

18th century
Koenraet Ten Eyck (1678–1753)

Object Place: Albany, New York, United States

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Medium or Technique

Metal; silver

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Silver hollowware

Raised, flat-bottomed cup with center point visible on bottom, with sides that flare outward, becoming nearly vertical below rim. Scrolled strap handle affixed to cup at rim and near base. Small stress fracture in metal on left side of handle join at rim. Pronounced hammer marks in bottom of cup near sides; scratch marks in bottom emanate from center in random fashion; possible [Gerry doubts it] remnants of foliate decoration in bottom. [get photographs]


" [M?]/M * B" appears in shaded roman letters on bottom of cup; "MB" in same style on pourer's side below rim.


On bottom of cup near center point is marked "K" with "TE" conjoined within a rectangle.


Original history of ownership probably from the Peltz family of New York to the Nexson family of New York [??]. Modern cover, apparently fabricated in the early twentieth century for the porringer, [private collection, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Beal of Lincoln, Massachusetts] and engraved with the purported owners initials on lid in a circle: "1770 MPN 1775 MN 1839 WHB 1888 MGM 1895 FGM 1920 MLM." Names roughly corresponding to these initials and dates are Mary or Margaret Peltz (1750-1795) of TOWN__________________, who in 1775 married William Nexson (1710-1744?) of TOWN ______________; to their daughter Margaret Peltz Nexson (1771-1839), who in 1795 married Gerrit Bogart (____-____) of Aurora, New York; to their son, William Henry Bogart (1810-1888), who married Jane Haswell Root (____-____) in 1834; to their daughter Margaret Bogart (1836-1895), who married Henry Augustus Morgan (____-____) in 1864; to their son, Frederick Gerrit Morgan (____-____) who married _________________; to his niece, the donor: May Lefferts Morgan (1899-____) of New Rochelle (??), who married Thomas Prince Beal (____-____) in 1921.

Credit Line

Gift of Mrs. Thomas P. Beal