Cylinder seal

Near Eastern, Mesopotamian, Akkadian
2334–2154 B.C.

Object Place: Mesopotamia


Legacy dimension: 20.2 mm x 10

Accession Number


Medium or Technique

Buff shell

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The Ancient World



At left a deity (Tishpak?) seated on a throne containing four snakes. Altar with plant in front of him, inscription in two columns above snakes and altar. A nude male figure waters plant or libates. Behind nude figure two struggling deities with horned helmets. Left deity holds broken mace and is attacked by deity with shoulder flames (Shamash?) weilding a trident.


By 1965: with Mrs. Oric Bates, Mrs. F. Carrington Weems, Mrs. Horace L. Mayer. 1965 given to the MFA by Mrs. Bates, Mrs. Weems, Mrs. Mayer, 10 November 1965.

Credit Line

Gift of Mrs. Oric Bates, Mrs. F. Carrington Weems and Horace L. Mayer, plus restricted funds, (William Francis Warden Fund)