Cylinder seal

Near Eastern, Mesopotamian, Assyrian
883–612 B.C.


Overall: 2 cm (13/16 in.)

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Medium or Technique

Pale pink chalcedony

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Ancient Near East Gallery (Gallery 110)


The Ancient World



The Assyrian “sacred tree” surmounted by anthropomorphized winged god inscribed in crescent and wearing a headdress topped by a crescent (the Moon god Sin?). Two symmetrical anthropomorphic figures also come out of the wings. The tree and the moon god are flanked by an Assyrian official at left, and a fish-apkallu (antediluvian sage) holding cone (mulillu) and bucket (banduddu) at right. A mace stands in front of the official, and the sylus of Nabu stands in front of the fish-apkallu. The Hebrew owner of the seal is inscribed in Aramaic.


By 1934: R.S. Cooke collection, Harrow Hill, Middlesex, England; 1934: purchased by the MFA from R.S. Cooke.*
(Accession date: June 7, 1934)

* Eighteen seals, 34.191-34.208, were purchased as a group for £201.

Credit Line

Harriet Otis Cruft Fund