Cylinder seal

Near Eastern, Mesopotamian, Babylonian
Old Babylonian
1894–1595 B.C.

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The Ancient World



Presentation scene: Bearded divinity (underworld god Nergal?) wearing horned headdress, holding dagger, with one foot placed on a stool, head shown in profile, facing a bearded royal figure who wears a skull-cap with turban, and holds a quadruped (goat?) as offering. Behind royal figure is a decapitated head surmounted by lion-demon standard (of Nergal?) A tutelary deity, also with horned headdress, wearing long fleeced garment, with both hands raised, follows the royal figure. Behind the god with the dagger, on a platform stands a naked shaven-headed male figure with raised scimitar. Between the tutelary deity and this naked figure are two space elements, a smaller human figure and a rearing ibex with backturned head. Further space fillers appear between main god and royal figure: crouching dwarf, and mongoose.


By 1945: with Charles L. Morley; 1945: purchased by the MFA for $180.

(Accession Date: September 13, 1945)

Credit Line

John Wheelock Elliot and John Morse Elliot Fund