Dekadrachm of Syracuse with quadriga, signed by Euainetos

Classical Period
413–387 B.C. (?)

Mint: Sicily, Syracuse

Catalogue Raisonné

Brett, Greek Coins (MFA), no. 0421.


Diameter: 36 mm. Weight: 42.79 gm.

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Medium or Technique


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The Ancient World



Obverse: Quadriga with horses galloping to left; driver in long chiton leaning forward, with goad and reins, crowned by flying Nike in double chiton.
In exergue, left shield, right helmet, in center, cuirass between greaves.
Underneath, inscription in Greek.
Reverse: Head of Arethusa to left with crown of leaves of grain, triple earring, beaded necklace, curly hair on roll,
Inscription in Greek above head at right and faint traces of artist’s signature below lowest dolphin.


From the Santa Maria di Licodia hoard, 1890 (Noe, N.N.M. 78, p. 241, no. 917) and Cat. Sotheby, Archaeologist and Traveller, 1898, pl. V, 102 according to Brett catalogue no. 421; by date unknown: with Edward Perry Warren; September 1904: purchased by MFA from Edward Perry Warren

Credit Line

Henry Lillie Pierce Fund