Drachm (?) of the Brettioi with bust of Nike

Hellenistic Period
216–203 B.C. (?)

Mint: Bruttium, The Brettioi

Catalogue Raisonné

Brett, Greek Coins (MFA), no. 0168.


Diameter: 20 mm. Weight: 4.80 gm.

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The Ancient World



Obverse: Bust of Nike right with wing at each shoulder, in broad taenia and drapery; hair rolled on forehead and over ear, drawn back on crown and tied, curls escaping.
At left, caduceus.
Reverse: Pan standing facing; right arm raised to head in gesture of crowning himself with wreath in hand; nude; chlamys over left arm; beardless, horned; hair long; left arm extended holding spear.
Torch (?) in field at right.
Inscriptions in Greek at left, upwards, and at right.


By date unknown: Northwick Collection; 1859: auction of Northwick Collection, Cat. Sotheby, no. 145 (according to Brett, Catalogue, no. 168); by date unknown: Canon Greenwell Collection; July 1902: acquired from Canon Greenwell Collection by Edward Perry Warren (Regling, Die Griechischen Münzen der Sammlung Warren, no. 132); September 1904: purchased by MFA from Edward Perry Warren

Credit Line

Henry Lillie Pierce Fund