Drinking cup (kylix)

Late Archaic or Early Classical Period
about 480 B.C.

Place of Manufacture: Greece, Attica, Athens

Catalogue Raisonné

Caskey-Beazley, Attic Vase Paintings (MFA), no. 126; Highlights: Classical Art (MFA), p. 100.


Height: 10.1 cm (4 in.); diameter: 27.5 cm (10 13/16 in.)

Accession Number


Medium or Technique

Ceramic, Red Figure

On View

Ancient Greece: Dionysos & Symposium Gallery (Gallery 215B)


The Ancient World



Cup interior tondo composition: A bearded, nude man appears to be dancing around a wine cup (kylix), much like the one on which this image appears. The context of this dance is the drinking party known as the symposium. To the left is a couch (kline) upon which his clothes lay. Above the man’s head the painter put his signature: “Douris painted it” (DORIS EGRAPHSEN)

Exterior side A: “Komos”, or symposium reveling scenes: from the left a nude bearded man dances over a wine cup (kylix), while his friend gestures to him with his own kylix. He still wears a cloak (himation). The seond pair from the left face each other; one is nude, holding a deep drinking bowl (skyphos) and the other wears himation and plays the double pipes. The next figure moves to the left with a kylix. The final figure on the right also holds a kylix and significantly turns his face frontally to the viewer, probably indicating his state of intoxication.

Exterior side B: Six revellers (komasts) are dancing and drinking. The two on the right hold wine cups (kylikes). The third from the right holds a deep drinking bowl (skyphos) while he watches his friend dance vigorously, his knees in the air. The second from the left also holds a kylix.

Condition: Surface of B. damaged. Repaired with some restoration. Handles missing.


"Douris painted it" (DORIS EGRAPHSEN)


Douris painted it (DORIS EGRAPHSEN)


By date unknown: with Edward Perry Warren; purchased by MFA from Edward Perry Warren for $ 69,618.13 (this figure is the total price for MFA 98.641-98.940)

Credit Line

Henry Lillie Pierce Fund