Drinking cup (kylix)

Late Archaic or Early Classical Period
about 480 B.C.
the Foundry Painter

Place of Manufacture: Greece, Attica, Athens

Catalogue Raisonné

Caskey-Beazley, Attic Vase Paintings (MFA), no. 031.


Height: 11.7cm (4 5/8in.) Diameter: 39cm (15 3/8in.)

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Medium or Technique

Ceramic, Red Figure

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Gallery 212A-B


The Ancient World



The tondo of this large kylix depicts a youthful hoplite who is preparing to depart for battle by arming himself in a domestic setting. He looks to his spear, which he holds in his right hand. Also at his right side is either a stool or a klismos with his Chalcidian helmet on a patterned cushion. He wears a chitoniskos and himation, greaves, and a fillet on his head. He holds a large shield, which is decorated with a shield device of a centaur wielding a branch, and it features a shield apron with a scalloped or fringed edge. This addition would protect the legs of the hoplite from arrows and other similar weapons.

Exterior side A: A group of warriors prepare for battle. The one at left, already wearing a cuirass, takes a shield down from the wall. He also wears a diadem and greaves. To his left, a shield and helmet are propped up. Facing him, a boy dressed as a Scythian archer with a long floppy hat and Thracian boots bends over his bow; his quiver is strapped to his waist. To his right another helmet and shield lean against a wall. Three fragmentary figures wearing greaves are on the right. A shield can be seen with the shield device of a horse. On the far right the base of a stele can be seen.

Exterior side B: This side features a similar scene, but is more fragmentary. From the left a warrior wearing greaves and a short tunic holds a spear, his shield resting against his legs. Two other figures follow, too fragmentary to make out, but one seems to be holding a sword. Further to the right a youth with a diadem around his head wears a short tunic and greaves. He holds a spear and a shield with a snake emblem. A tree is behind him to the right.


By date unknown: Bourguignon Collection, Naples; by 1910: with E. P. Warren (according to Warren's records: bought in Naples; from the Bourguignon collection; from Orvieto); purchased by MFA from E. P. Warren, June 2, 1910, for $4,000.00 (this figure is the total price for MFA 10.159-10.230)

Credit Line

Julia Bradford Huntington James Fund and Museum purchase with funds donated by contribution