Drinking cup (kylix) with Dionysiac scenes

Late Archaic or Early Classical Period
about 480 B.C.
Signed by Douris

Place of Manufacture: Greece, Attica, Athens

Catalogue Raisonné

Caskey-Beazley, Attic Vase Paintings (MFA), no. 129.


Height: 12 cm (4 3/4 in.); diameter: 31 cm (12 3/16 in.)

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Medium or Technique

Ceramic, Red Figure technique

On View

Greek Classical Gallery (Gallery 215B)


The Ancient World



Interior: A bearded and wreathed Dionysus extends a stemless high-handled cup (kantharos) over an altar in order to pour a libation as a liquid sacrifice. He wears a long tunic and cloak (chiton and himation). Behind him is an elaborate stool. At left along the border is the Greek inscription, “Douris painted it” (DORIS EGRAPHSEN)

Exterior side A: Two satyrs and three maenads dance wildly. The maenads (female devotees of the wine-god Dionysus) have their hands tucked into their sleeves as they spin around. One satyr faces the viewer with a frontal face which may indicate a spiritual or intoxicated state. Above the figures is the Greek inscription “Hippodamas is handsome” (HIPPODAMAS KALOS)

Exterior side B: Two satyrs cavort with three maenads. The one holds a thyrsus, a fennel stalk which is a standard attribute of satyrs and maenads. The maenads, like the ones on the other side, tuck their hands inside their sleeves.


"Douris painted it" (DORIS EGRAPHSEN) on interior by left border; "Hippodamas is handsome" (HIPPODAMAS KALOS) (on rim above satyrs and maenads on side A)


"Douris painted it" (DORIS EGRAPHSEN)


According to MFA records: found in fragments in April 1886, in the excavations of Riccardo Mancini in the necropolis at Orvieto. The fragments passed at once into the possession of Dr. Thomas Wilson of Washington, D.C., who was present at the time of their discovery.; by date unknown: purchased by Professor F. B. Tarbell; purchased by MFA from Prof. F. B. Tarbell with a portion of a gift of money by Mrs. Samuel Torrey Morse, 19000

Credit Line

Gift of Mrs. Samuel Torrey Morse