Fables choisies, mises en verse

Illustrated by Jean-Baptiste Oudry (French, 1686–1755), Engraved by Pierre Alexandre Aveline (French, 1702–1760), Engraved by Jean Charles Baquoy (French, 1721–1777), Engraved by Laurent Cars (French, 1699–1771), Engraved by Pierre Quentin Chedel (French, 1705–1762), Engraved by Pierre Chenu (French, born in 1730), Etched by Charles-Nicolas Cochin le fils (French, 1715–1790), Engraved by Louis Legrand (French, 1723–1807), Engraved by Louis Simon Lempereur (French, 1725–1796), Engraved by Pierre Etienne Moitte (French, 1722–1780), Engraved by Benoît-Louis Prévost (French, about 1735–about 1804), Engraved by Pierre François Tardieu (French, 1711–1771), Woodcuts by Jean Michel Papillon (French, 1698–1776), Woodcuts by Nicolas Le Sueur (French, 1691–1764), Vignettes by Jean Jacques Bachelier (French, 1724–1806), Engraved by Michel Aubert (French, 1700–1757), Engraved by Nicolas Dauphin Beauvais (French, 1687–1753), Engraved by Jacques Firmin Beauvarlet (French, 1731–1797), Engraved by Justus (Juste) Chevillet (French, 1729–1802), Engraved by Catherine Elisabeth (Cousinet) Lempereur (French, born in 1726), Engraved by Nicolas Gabriel Dupuis (French, 1698–1771), Engraved by Pierre-Jean Duret (French, born in 1729), Engraved by J.-A. Defehrt (French, 1723–1774), Engraved by Etienne Fessard (French, 1714–1777), Engraved by Jean Jacques Flipart (French, 1719–1782), Engraved by Per Gustaf Floding (Swedish, 1731–1791), Engraved by Robert Gaillard (French, 1722–1785), Engraved by Claude Olivier Gallimard (French, 1720–1774), Engraved by Jacques Philippe Le Bas (French, 1707–1783), Engraved by Noël Le Mire (French, 1724–1801), Engraved by Martin Marvie (French, 1713–1813), Engraved by J. Menil (French, 18th century), Engraved by Pierre (Pitre) Martenasie (Flemish, worked in France, died in 1770?), Engraved by Johann Heinrich Rode (German, 1727–1759), Engraved by J. F. Poletnich (Bohemian, worked in France and Russia, active 1750–1780), Engraved by Jean Pelletier (French, born in 1736), Engraved by Antoine Radigues (French, worked in Russia, 1721–1809), Engraved by Pierre Pasquier (French, about 1730–1806), Engraved by Manuel Salvador Carmona (Spanish, 1734–1820), Author Jean de La Fontaine (French, 1621–1695), Publisher Desaint & Saillant (French, 18th century), Printer Charles Antoine Jombert (French, 1712–1784)

Place of Publication: Paris, France

Catalogue Raisonné

Cohen-de Ricci 548-50; Ray, French Illustrated Book, 5


Overall (each vol., slight variants): 40.9 x 29 x 5 cm (16 1/8 x 11 7/16 x 1 15/16 in.)

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Illustrated book with 276 etching and engravings, plus numerous woodcut vignettes

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Illustrated books

(Paris: Charles-Antoine Jombert, for Desaint & Saillant, and Durand, 1755-59) Folio, four vols.; [v. 1] 88 leaves, plus 71 plates; [v. 2] 71 ll., plus 68 plates; [v. 3] 77 ll., plus 68 plates; [v. 4] 97 ll., plus 69 plates; contemporary gilt-stamped speckled brown calf.

Illustrations to La Fontaine’s fables; decorative woodcut vignettes, most with flower motifs.

Paris: Charles-Antoine Jombert, for Desaint & Saillant, and Durand, 1755-59


Gardner Brewer [bookplate]; 1901, bequest of Mrs. Arthur Croft to the MFA. (Accession date: February 4, 2015)

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Bequest of Mrs. Arthur Croft—The Gardner Brewer Collection