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Fashion plate in three parts

May 1887
Published by The Young Ladies' Journal (English)


Total size: Height x width: 25 9/16 x 17 5/16 in. (65 x 44 cm)

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Fashion plate depicting three rows of women and young ladies. Top row, from left to right, shows seven women in gray/blue, green, pink and yellow, brown, blue, brown and white, and pink dresses, respectively. The middle row, divided between the top and bottom section, is missing most of the first two girls on the left and probably one or two more on the right, but shows eight other figures of girls and young ladies. Bottom row, which is split between two sides of paper diagonally across left side, shows seven women all with black visites on top of colorful skirts except for woman third from left who wears a green visite. Text at the top reads: “SUPPLEMENT TO THE YOUNG LADIES’ JOURNAL MAY, 1887” Text at the bottom reads: “THE YOUNG LADIES’ JOURNAL / COPYRIGHT No. 42 OF THE NEW TRIPLE PARIS FASHION PLATES COPYRIGHT / FOR DESCRIPTION OF THE ABOVE ILLUSTRATIONS, AND FOR PRICES OF CUT-OUT PATTERNS, / SEE FRONT OF THE GIGANTIC SUPPLEMENT, PUBLISHED WITH THIS MONTH’S PART.”

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