Female figurine

Second Intermediate Period
about 1700–1550 B.C.

Findspot: Egypt, Deir el-Ballas, North Kom


Length: 13.5 cm (5 5/16 in.)

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One clay fragment of a female figurine. It is a crude female figurine made of pale yellow clay. It is a steatopygous. It is decorated with incised lines and dots. The eyes are narrow slits. The ears are pierced. There are four holes at the back of the head. The pubic area is represented with incised lines. The head is an exagerated shape. It is a C-Group or Pan-Grave type. The arms come down to the sides, and the hands blend into the legs. The neck is broken and mended. The lower legs are broken off and missing. “Unregistered Feb - April 1901. Imp 1947. Deir el Ballas. Clay models from Northern Kom.”


From Deir el-Ballas, North Kom (see Notes by F.W. Green; s.d. March 5, 1900; in unnumbered room after "220") 1947: (G.A.Reisner's Hearst excavations, 1900-1901). Brought from Harvard Camp in 1947.

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Brought from Harvard Camp in 1947