Fragment of a cartonnage mummy cover

Hellenistic Period (Ptolemaic Dynasty)
3rd–2nd century B.C.

Findspot: Egypt, Abydos


Overall: 50 x 31 cm (19 11/16 x 12 3/16 in.)

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Coffins and sarcophagi

This is a large fragment from the front of a cartonnage (painted, plaster-soaked linen) mummy case. The background painted red with varied bands of elaborate, multicolored decoration that form a border to a rhomboidal field. The top band contains a winged sun disk flanked by opposing Horus-falcon (?) heads. This band is above another band of square compartments, each containing a rosette. The primary preserved field is topped by a large broad collar hanging over the figure of a winged Maat (Egyptian goddess of cosmic order, truth, etc.) with arms outstretch and holding ostrich feathers (symbols of Maat). She is flanked by wedjat-eyes (symbols of protection) that appear just above the tips of her wings. The bottom of the preserved portion carries two additional multicolored bands.


From Abydos. 1902: excavated by William Matthew Flinders Petrie for the Egypt Exploration Fund, assigned to the Egypt Exploration Fund in the division of finds by the government of Egypt, received by the MFA through subscription to the Egypt Exploration Fund. (Accession Date: November 17, 1902)

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Egypt Exploration Fund by subscription