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Fragment of a signet ring

Meroitic Period
A.D. 0–20

Findspot: Nubia (Sudan), Meroe, Beg. North, Pyramid 16

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Jewelry, The Ancient World



Finger ring with a corroded, intaglio bezel and missing shank. The bezel features a barque on a stand with an obscure central element. It was found on the right, dismembered hand in chamber A. All together, there were nine rings on the hand. Another hand in the same area had ten silver rings. Considerable jewelry was discovered in the two subterranean chambers, including earrings, bracelet elements, and glass beads. Some ornaments were enameled.


From Beg. North, Pyramid 16, chamber A. 1921: excavated by the Harvard University-Museum of Fine Arts Expedition; assigned to the MFA by the government of Sudan.

Credit Line

Harvard University—Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition