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Gold bead with a chased cartouche

New Kingdom, Dynasty 18
1550–1295 B.C.

Object Place: Egypt


Overall: 2.2 cm (7/8 in.)

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Jewelry, The Ancient World



Hollow gold oval (scaraboid) with double transverse holes. Impressed cartouche “Men-kheper-re” between winged uraeae and “ankh”-signs. Back plain, soldered on.

[Alternate Text:]
In the center of the decoration is the cartouche, or oval, ring with the prenomen of King Thutmose III, which reads Men-kheper-re.

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The New Kingdom (1570-1070 B.C.) saw a great flowering of the jeweler’s art as improvements in the manufacture of faience (a quartz bodied ceramic) combined with the invention of glass-making to produce a dazzling variety of ornaments in new forms and colors.


Acquired by Peabody Museum from Dr. Grant Bey, Cairo, 1887. Peabody Museum No. 45865 or 6. Exchanged by V/T January 21, 1937 and V/C January 7, 1944 with Peabody Museum, Harvard University.
(Accession Date: January 7, 1947)

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By exchange with the Peabody Museum, Harvard