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Guhyasamaja Mandala

17th–18th century

Object Place: Tibet


45.5 x 69 cm (17 15/16 x 27 3/16 in.)

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Medium or Technique

Distemper and gold on cotton, mounted with silk brocades in panel format

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Painting with decorative borders, mounted on support panel. Would have originally been in thangka format.

Probably belongs to Gelukpa sect.
Mandala with blue-skined, multi (8-10) armed Bodhisattva at center, surrounded in central circle by Bodhisattvas of the primary and secondary directions. In the square surrounding them, more very small figures of Bodhisattvas with wrathful dieties ar corners and at “entrances”, beneath gateways. Outside of square are auspicious emblems surrounded by a ring of lotus pedals and rainbow. Above mandala, at center, in Vajradhara (blue) flanked by lamas (most in yellow hats) and mahasiddhas. Below at center is semi-wrathful, red skinned, six-armed Bodhisattva with golden-skinned six-armed consort. Both hold bow and arrow. They are flanked by larger figures of blue wrathful deities, the one on left holding a chopper and skull cup, surrounded by four smaller figures of Yama in different colors, the one on right holding sword, shopper, staff and cup, surrounded by Dakinis.
Condition: darkned


1918, Denman Waldo Ross, Cambridge, MA; 1918, gift of Ross to the MFA. (Accession Date: December 5, 1918)

Credit Line

Denman Waldo Ross Collection