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Large plate

Turkish (Iznik)
About 1585

Object Place: India


.305 D.

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Medium or Technique

Fritware, painted over white slip, with a transparent glaze.

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A large plate, decorated in black, blue, pale turquoise and raised red.Underneath, the plate is decorated with twelve uncolored motifs in black: six closed crescents alternating with six trilobed flowers. On the face - divided into three registers by double concentric black lines - the flat rim bears a rather simplified version of a rock and wave border, in black and blue, with almost unnoticeable turquoise incursions from the cavetto. This is decorated elaborately and using the full color palette, with half-flowers descending from its outer border, black curving lines suggestive of clouds and leaf-like lappet shapes in red, sometimes overlaid with turquoise. The well of the dish shows a swirling field of hatayi blossoms and saz leaves, in red, white and blue, on a turquoise ground. As with the cavetto, there is a strong suggestion that this field extends beyond the boundary formed by the double black lines.


Lent by Miss Theodora Lyman, March 1, 1915. The John Pickering Lyman Collection.

Credit Line

The John Pickering Lyman Collection—Gift of Miss Theodora Lyman